3rd-26th of August
Image Factory

17th of July - 5th of August
Pépite Window

CONTENT-AWARE describes an intelligence within imaging software employing a self sufficient algorithm that relies on a local image structure to edit and manipulate content. In the event of insufficient or mismatches in information, incomprehensible and non representational outcomes are created.

This practice aims to similarly produce responses through the propagation of media found within a personal ecosystem of interests. It aims to generate uncharted pathways connecting art, design and the transmission of cultural ideas. It is driven by a synthesis of constituent disciplines and approaches in forming a holistic response to an idea or phenomenon. It believes in embracing technology’s mystifying responses, in enquiring into our immediate environments and in exploding our every day enjoyments for investigation.

“Missing values are constrained to form coherent structures with respect to reference examples.”
- (
Space Time Completion of Video, published in  IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence ( Volume: 29, Issue: 3, March 2007))

Please talk to me about cooking, the image, the moving image, books, footwear, tupperware, hyperobjects...

Vivienne La is a freelance designer and artist, living and working as an uninvited guest in unceded Kulin Nation territory. She graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) and has participated in the studio program at SoCA (School of Clay and Art).