3rd-26th of August
Image Factory

17th of July - 5th of August
Pépite Window

Pop Wisdom” 

for Comfort Zone, Toast Workroom, August 2017

Self-help gurus will warn that ‘the comfort zone’ is in fact harmful and the antithesis of personal growth – but in Postnormal times, is it fair to discourage people from existing in an anxiety neutral condition?

This work is an attempt to translate the intangible mental space of the ‘comfort zone’ into a corporeal still life to demonstrate the unpredictable reality of operating under stress and anxiousness. The aggravated gestures of glaze leaking, wax dripping, and ash falling will interact with one another during the course of the exhibition before being fired again to reveal the final outcome.

Stage 1
Stage 2

Stage 2

Installation view images by Zoe Harriet